Why refinance?
With the decline in interest rates, A house should, of course, to investigate the possible benefits of the refinancing, however, discuss the financial situation and its objectives of the loan before making a final decision. Do you want to reduce their monthly payments? Debt consolidation? To obtain cash for the purchase of much? Change your interest deduction cost the tax? Ask your bank to finance some cases, as you outline for a period of the loan, monthly payments, including interest payments will change. In the review of these scenarios will be more clear understanding of whether or not to refinancing costs you.

Is there a better time to refinance?
The old rule is that a person should be the rate of mortgage refinancing loans fell by more than 2% or lower than the current interest rate. However, refinancing may be a viable option, even if the difference is smaller. Moderately lower interest rates can still decorate their monthly payments. For example, the monthly payment of $ 100,000 in loans to 8.5 percent, or approximately 770 (excluding taxes and insurance). If the rate down to 7.5 percent, monthly payments in about 700 U.S. dollars or 70 U.S. dollars to save. Similarly, the importance of such savings depends on the overall financial situation, how long do you intend to remain at home, and so on

I would be if you plan to soon?
This is an important factor to be considered. Most of the lending institutions charge fees to refinance loans. If you are going to remain at home less than a few years, it may not be enough time to save more than in the previous month. For example, if you lower the transaction, and then pay 50 U.S. dollars a month's loan to receive 1000 U.S. dollars. This will require 20 months (U.S. $ 1,000 divided by 50 U.S. dollars) to recover costs at the beginning, and then you start realize savings. Some lenders offer "without incurring any cost" loans with higher interest rates, but there are no other costs. It depends on the attractiveness of these loans are charged with a current loan.

What you should consider refinancing?
One of the factors people do not always believe that the U.S. energy-saving mortgage may not always be the best choice for everyone. You have to have a good look to your own "financial personality" here. Remember that the deduction of interest mortgage. When you reduce your monthly payments may reduce the tax as well. Are you disciplined enough to invest their savings each month a new way, you can reduce the tax benefits will not be a problem?

What kind of fees should be paid?
It depends, but generally speaking, borrowing costs may include application fee, the cost of source (usually 1% of the loan amount), administrative fees, the cost of property insurance (settlement fees, title search, title insurance, handling / service charge, ask for write to the Secretary of the court). Your new bank will release its estimate of those charges in good faith, which is usually at the time of application or soon after. The sum of all costs in order to achieve 2-3% of the loan amount. If you do not have available cash to pay for costs associated with the loan, you can search for the lender to guarantee "without incurring any cost" loan. Not to be slightly higher interest rates and credit, to a discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of your credit. Also, if you have the first owners of the former U.S. policy is less than 10 (10) years, is entitled to the property insurance discounts. You will have to provide us with policy.

What is the point?
The cost of credits, which are to be paid to the bank in order to obtain mortgage loans, under certain conditions. I am equal to one percent of the loan amount. In other words, the point on the 100,000 U.S. dollars loan will be 1,000 dollars. The cost of discount points to lower interest rates for mortgages. Some people may pay one or more points in the front part of lenders in exchange for lower interest rates. Is a personal choice and rely on the person's financial situation, how long is the plan at home, and so on

When do I need to check with your company name?
Contact with them so long as it is reasonably sure the loan agreement and approval of the loan. Tell your bank at the time of application (or shortly later) Those who decide to conduct its closure. You may need to appoint a non-title companies to pay a deposit fee, which will be applied to the cost of closing time. This is the preferred contact with the company name, at least two weeks before the end of the month.

What is the name of the company needs?
~ Related to your property (address, etc.)
~ Name, phone number and account number for each open end mortgage
Social Security Number by all owners
Through the names and phone numbers for new loan
~ A copy of the prior owner of the policy, if less than 10 (10) years

Why do I need another title search?
Each lender required a commitment to ensuring that issued in their favor before closing. The information contained in this undertaking can only be a review and evaluation of documents in local land records. As a result, companies must be registered the names of each of these transactions. This allows them to the lender and a corresponding picture of all existing liens and mortgages, as well as the right of immovable property, taxes, and accurate information and evaluation.

If I have insurance, why I need to buy again?
When buying a house, may be paid by the lender and the name of the owner of an insurance policy. Your customers will continue in force, however, the current payment loans, refinancing, the new loan policies must be issued.

What will happen at the end?
Generally speaking, you can come to the office of the title company, signed by all new loan documents. You will need to show proper identification, as many of them are legal documents, which requires the recognition of notarization. Companies will be prepared and submitted to the company's name in all documents relevant to the new credit. You will be signing many of these same documents and forms you signed when you purchased your original home.


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