Question: Which type of mortgage is right for me?
Answer: Depending on your current financial situation, down payment amount, income, and debt there are a plethora of loan choices for you. I cant give specific types of loans unless you contact me through my blog (I will be more than happy to help) with your current situation. I can, however, almost guarantee you will get a condo or a home loan as long as your debt is not out of control compared to your income.

Question: What does A.P.R. Mean?
Answer: This acronym stands for Annual Percentage Rate. To sum it up the APR is the cost of the loan interest rate form. Theres always other costs and brokerage fees with getting a mortgage, these are taken into account when your lender gives your the APR. So that means the APR the mortgage company gives you is a little higher than what the loans true value is.

Question: Do interest rates change often?
Answer: It is not unheard of for home mortgage interest rates to change 3 or 4 times a day. Sometimes more. There are too many variables to accurately predict when the rates will be changing again. Things like the market, what kind of loan you seek, the reason for the loan, credit rating and other things you cant control, the market, the bonds market, the lenders position.


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