Typically when applying for a mortgage loan, you quickly find out how many types of information you will need to provide. To begin with, you will need proof of income, checking or savings account information that goes back as much as 3 months to verify someone did not borrow you the down payment just for the looks, you will also need to provide tax returns. Also, you will need to bring a copy of the deposit that you gave to your realtor when you decide you found the perfect condo or home to finance. Almost all the time, the bank will send an appraiser out to the property your looking to finance, they also send an inspector out to make sure there is no significant costly damage that will need to be repaired within the first few months/years of your mortgage. You will also need to provide proof of home owner or condo owners insurance once the loan is approved.

Meanwhile, in the time between applying for either financing or refinancing you should not use any credit sources. Do not get anything financed or refinanced while the loan is awaiting approval. Refinancing loans are pretty strict and may take a few weeks to months depending on your personal financial situation. To receive refinancing in some instances you must pay off an old debt or two in order to turn that corner so the bank will refinance.

When your refinancing approval goes through it is all down hill from there. Meeting the bank and the realtor one more time is needed before closing on the house or condo. Make sure to bring your downpayment with you and anything else your realtor or banker asked you to bring in. Remember after the closing goes through the property taxes are now in your name, including any back taxes that were due on that property. You now will be the official condo or home owner!

-M Petrone


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