Most people use refinancing to take advantage of lower interest rates that may be available now but were not available when they took out a mortgage on their condo. More to the point, it is going through the procedure of taking out a second mortgage, and turning around and using that cash to close, or pay off a current mortgage.

If you are lucky enough to refinance your condo with a lower interest rate then when your first got the mortgage then your monthly payments should be lower, even if your new mortgage on your condo is for the same amount than your old one. Before you start the refinancing process, you need to weigh the savings of a lower monthly payment with the costs associated with refinancing.

Usually, the rule on refinancing a condo is that the interest rate of the new mortgage should be -2% (about two percent lower) than your current mortgage. These days there are tons of no cost refinancing options available. Overall it is probably likely that should you decide to refinance your condo, you will be saving money (by obtaining a better interest rate)

Condo refinancing is a good opportunity to gather a quick large sum of cash. You can use this cash to upgrade your condo and increase its future value even more. Probably, your condo has also risen in value, that will be taken into account in the second mortgage. That means good news for your with the new refinancing!

Things to know before starting the refinancing process:

Know YOUR reasons to Refinance

1. Most likely a condo mortgage rate is lower now than it was when you bought. Refinancing will put cash in your pocket, with a lower interest rate your monthly condo mortgage payment is smaller.

2. Obtain a Fixed rate mortgage instead of the A.R.M. (adjustable rate mortgage) you have now.

3. Obtain a A.R.M. for your condo with better terms than the one you are in now.

4. Fast way to grow equity. Just by refinancing your condo

5. Turn equity into cash. With the new smaller interest rate you receive through refinancing on your condo you will most likely have a good sum of built up cash coming to you!

-M. Petrone

Condominium Refinancing Expert


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