Dont be fooled into thinking you can not get a mortgage due to bad credit or a bankruptcy. Most people have a misconception that it is the end of your credit world and you will never be able to obtain credit again. People, for the most part, dont fully understand what a bankruptcy is.
Eitherway, you need a mortgage loan and have bad credit? Your best bet is to wait at least 24 months after the bankruptcy has been declared before applying. Please remember in that time to have flawless credit reports, and the larger the cash down payment, the better. Better yet, try to clear any debt you have, even if its only a little. Lenders will see this information and use it to their favor and up your loan rate.
Use a few different mortgage lenders. Shop around for different quotes. You will see a different quote from different companies. Check advertisers on refinancing web sites like this one. They often have large amounts of money in their refinancing departments. Dont be afraid to shop around a lot before you get a loan with terms you are comfortable with.
-M Petrone
Refinancing FAQ & Advice


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