I was approached by a swarm of households, currently with the foreclosure. I'm sad that so many people in this situation, and how they were deceived, thinking they can afford these houses. Even now, I heard stories about the owners who promised to have no false hopes, which can be saved, the exclusion from the payment of a fee of short sales, the loss for the limitation of payment, or are simply doubled its wholly conscientious professionals of justice.

The fact is that you can save in terms of their foreclosure, because you do not have many options.
The first thing that the owners have trouble to the realization of separation is your emotional attachment to your home if you are using the property for less than four years. I say this because if your house in the last four years, they will probably be bought in the prices really high, and the majority of households have purchased with a funding of 100% without consideration of income. If this is the case, that you do not meet the net value of your house and not worthwhile can be maintained. What I recommend is a family for the preparation of a budget of the net income minus all costs and if you forget in a negative! loses his court and his lead is not too late to start over.

May refinancing, an option with the new FHA guidelines, which have an influence on 1 October 2008, when the accommodation can refinance your mortgage, if they can demonstrate that their income is sufficient to pay the mortgage and 29% of their income And only if the lender accepts a loss (payable in shorter) is on the FHA mortgage for the purchase of mortgage loans in the current level of 85% of the current market value of acquisition fees and debt all bags, with no more than 90% of the current market value. Please visit the website www. Hud.gov and research for the bill HR 3221 for the accommodation for the complete description of the bill. Please do not forget, this is a loan for all documents not for the people who can not prove their income!

Then do you find that it does not allow refinancing and can not help, please contact your lender does not fear the end of the line can not afford. Your lender to see that you are not possible if you allow our cards on the table with their time from them the whole truth when they see that it does not allow, of course, a plan to pay for not working. The lender may again ready to change if your income shows that you pay the new conditions for loans, why should I say, sometimes better to forget the reality and the emotional attachment we have for the houses. Most lenders offer to apply for leniency to Deffie payments of up to six months, but again, if you always have the same income within six months to finish.

Option 4 is the house on the market to sell and the current value of the market for hiring a real estate you a free market analysis data, when combined with the list is more than likely that your house is not what you have to be important to keep communicating with your bank in this process, so you can see, unless you try, the hole itself, and he will break in the proceedings exclusion in this period. Once the property is the market value of the consignment with a copy to your lender because they will have a loss, what is a sale. Durante este tiempo, asegúrese for your money to save a empezar alojamiento para buscar Pasar a no ser muy Comodo. I'm surprised by the number of people wait until the police chief calls its doors before the reality visits at home.

If after a few months, the facility does not sell, you have the right to Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Tenga sólo cuenta in use when Presenta su capítulo temporal Sólo 13 when usted no puede permitirse hipoteca su actual capítulo is the 13th No. a ayudar como ahora tendrá su pago Pagar that of regular hipoteca y todos los su Deuda consolidada in pago al otro now the administrator two payments. Despite the huge fees by a lawyer. Chapter 13 is for people who can prove that there are in a position to make their current mortgage, so that all residues in a plan for payment of more than 5 years.

If the Chapter 13, sale, refinancing, selling, patience, payment plan, once again ready for change, which does not work, so you give your lender, you have cash to request the keys for a couple months and enter voluntarily into Indeed, rather than the exception, it is certainly annoying that the police boss that you and your family.

Just remember you in this difficult time not thinking right and gives us a sign of hope as a god, but the reality is that you can use your own house, if you just talk to your lender and to achieve when really can afford to keep this house, even if the lender is working with you.

I can not stress how important it is to communicate with the lender, offers the options open to any institution, recruiting someone for you. Not in a trap just say right to your lender to them courage for truth and risk of shame can be done much time each of us and it is never too late to anew. Takes me, I traveled the road and helped me to a few hundred I've saved, and others only gave them and began a new chapter in their lives.

-Refinancing Condo


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