When buying a home, especially a first home, most people look at the price of the house, but overlook the loan rate on the mortgage. Mortgage rates play a bigger role than people are led to believe by real estate agents. The rate needs to be accounted for when determining the final cost of your home, and the monthly payments. When the reality sinks in that you could have, or can now get a better mortgage rate then a mortgage refinance may be the right option for you. Mortgage rates are at a near all time low right now, and your credit score could have gotten better since owning your home. Combined with a new mortgage rate, you could save hundreds per month on your mortgage.

Usually the main reason to refinance into a new mortgage is to adjust the payments to a lower rate on the loan, or to shorten the loan length. You are able to refinance with a different lender than your current one, so look at websites related to refinancing for lender ads. After refinancing, you should be saving money either monthly, or have less mortgage payments all together.

There are, however, many costs related to refinancing a mortgage that may need to be paid upfront (which if you can is the best thing to do). You do not want to have to pay interest over the course of the loan on these closing costs. Even with these closing costs, you should save money in the long run.
There are 2 main reasons that homeowners decide to look into a mortgage refinance, that will matter when getting a new home loan rate.
Reason 1:
You acquired your mortgage when interest rates were a lot higher. If this is your reason, than you should be looking into a refinance for a better mortgage rate or length of the loan. This way, you will either save money monthly or save money on the back end by having fewer mortgage payments.
Reason 2:
You have a mortgage with an adjustable rate. If this is your reason, then you most likely would be looking into refinancing into a fixed rate mortgage. That means every month, regardless of the housing market or any other factor, your mortgage payment remains the same. With interest rates now near an all time low, this is a great choice for a lot of homeowners in a adjustable mortgage.
There are many reasons people choose refinancing. These are just 2 of the most common examples. You could actually refinance and get cash back from equity you have in your home, but that is for another subject.
-M Petrone


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