Not even 1 month into the new year, experts still insist on predicting what will happen with mortgage rates in this new year. Opinions vary from, rates will rise, rates will fall, home prices will rise, home prices will fall, foreclosures will rise, home prices have bottomed out, etc..

The only sure thing I know is that know one knows. It is near impossible to predict what will happen in the future. What is possible however is to compare today's mortgage rates with rates from the past. Mortgage rates right now are at record lows all over. Homeowners are looking into refinancing their home mortgage in order to save money. Whatever happens with the market in 2009 the rates cant get much lower than they are now.

Before you listen to so called experts advice on where the mortgage rates will be going for 2009, make some personal financial decisions for yourself. Make sure you try to predict where you will be throughout the year to know if it is something to look into

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