There has never been a time like this when so many people are in debt. Whether you owe credit cards, car loans, mortgage payments, tuition, medical bills or plenty of other financial burdens your financial stability becomes an issue. What if you want to start to spear head your financial problems with a mortgage refinance but have bad credit? It is possible to refinance a mortgage with bad credit, it just takes a little more patience and research to ensure the best terms and rates for a refinance. Just having bad credit does not mean that you are forever stuck, you just have to work harder and know what to do to right the situation.

A lot of people want to refinance their home mortgage due to the high interest rate it carried with it because of their bad credit. With higher than necessary interest rates, you are wasting money every month that could be used to help fix your financial problems. With a mortgage refinance, you have the chance to consolidate all of your other debts and high interest payments into a new loan with lower interest.

When researching for a lender to refinance with, make sure to ask if they have a specialist or a special department for people with less then ideal FICO credit scores. Usually, a lender who specializes in bad credit refinancing has the contacts and vital knowledge to make a refinance even more profitable for you.

You will be able to get a better interest rate, regardless of credit or if bankruptcy has been claimed, if you find the correct lender. It is a good time to look into mortgage refinancing with mortgage rates at record lows across the country. If you are in an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) and your payments keep rising every month, refinance now into a stable fixed rate mortgage. The longer you wait, the more money you will be throwing away with unnecessary payments for interest.
If your payments have remained pretty stable for the past few months, you have more time to search for the perfect loan and perfect terms and conditions. If you have enough time, it will help a lot to improve your credit score anyway possible before the refinance is pursued to get the lowest rate, and therefore cheapest payment possible.
Something you can try to do if time permits is pay off some credit cards. Pay off the credit cards that are at their limit first, followed by the cards with the highest payments. This will show that you are credit worthy and aware of your debts and have a plan to pay them. It shows in your credit report when cards that are at their limit get paid off.
A lot of people attempt to get a credit card with a lower interest rate then transfer their other higher interest debts onto that. This sounds like a good idea but can not be wise if you are going to try to refinance your mortgage. The more credit accounts you have open, the less chance of approval with better rates or conditions you will get. Refinancing with bad credit requires confronting debts and reducing them as much as possible. Be aware of your current financial situation before refinancing a mortgage. Ask a lot of questions and never be afraid to leave.

-M Petrone

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