A good mortgage lender is almost as important as a good loan. The right mortgage lender can mean the difference between saving thousands and spending thousands. To help choose the appropriate lender for home refinancing I have 4 tips to follow.

1)Know The True Reason You Are Refinancing
Are you trying to get a lower interest rate? Keep in mind that refinancing into a new loan that is just 1% (Hopefully more) lower than your current loan can save you a lot of money. Are you trying to get out of an ARM (Adjusted Rate Mortgage) and into a more stable fixed rate mortgage? If you notice your ARM payments creeping up, you may want to refinance into a fixed rate mortgage. Are you looking to do a cash out refinance from the equity you have built in your home? Any potential mortgage lender will want to know the reason you are looking to refinance. The right choice of which type of loan package is best for you can be made then by a lender. Make sure you know the terms of your current mortgage, and your current credit scores.

2)Know which types of mortgage loans are available in the market, and know which refinance lender type is best for you.
There are all different mortgage lenders who can be very helpful when you refinance your home mortgage such as banks, mortgage companies, credit unions. There are also mortgage brokers who will find the perfect mortgage lender for you. Be aware though of brokers offerings to you. Make sure you ultimately are getting the best refinance quote you can by doing you research. Brush up on mortgage financing lingo such as interest rate, points, equity. Look up the current interest rates so you have a rough idea of where the market is.

3)Comparison Shop Between A Variety Of Potential Lenders
Refinancing applications have massively increased since the first of the year. It should be fairly easy to find several mortgage lenders who will work with you. Use websites like this one to find potential mortgage lenders and do research on them. The internet is the best tool you have to help you. Once you get a quote you like from a potential lender, shop that exact quote around. The potential mortgage lenders will often beat or meet the offer you show them.

4)Negotiate the Correct Mortgage Loan, Terms, and Conditions.
A lot of the time the price you pay for your mortgage refinance depends on why you are refinancing. That also means that lenders have room in what they quote you. It is up to you to make sure you work them down to get the most savings you possibly can. Also, be aware of no closing costs refinance lenders. Usually, these fees are made up for in increased rates or fees. Try to make sure when comparing quote to take into account all the variables such as loan length, rates, conditions, and others.
Refinancing the right way can be the difference between saving thousands and wasting thousands, make sure to do the proper research and always ask questions. It is ultimately up to you to refinance right.

-M Petrone

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