President Barack Obama wants every homeowner in the USA to have the chance to refinance their mortgage into a fixed 4.5% mortgage rate. Also, new homeowners would have a chance to purchase their home at this same 4.5% rate. This could mean a lot of good news for homeowners who are having a hard time making their monthly mortgage payments. Now, that same homeowner will have a chance to refinance their mortgage, regardless of their personal financial history. The extra money that will be saved will be used by millions of homeowners to pay off other bills or to raise their standard of living. President Obamas stimulus refinance plan will mean a lot of extra expendable cash in the economy which will help with overall growth. Also, property values are expected to rise should this mortgage stimulus plan proposed by Obama goes through. People would not be afraid to buy and home values would start to rise to the levels they were at a few years ago. Also the potential new home buyer will be more likely to get themselves into a 4.5% fixed rate than the loan options typically available. Hopefully congress passes this proposed stimulus bill from Obama.

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