A lot of homeowners have attempted to refinance their home mortgage or apply for a loan modification only to be denied. Banks have given the runaround to consumers while access to government assistance programs has been scarce. However, things are going to change with Obamas housing stimulus plan, which was just passed, and due to some of the lowest interest rates in history. This stimulus plan gives incentives to mortgage lenders to allow homeowners to refinance their home loans into a more manageable rate. This should save roughly 5 million homeowners a lot of money every single month. This stimulus plan from Obama also allows homeowners who owe up to 5% more on their mortgage than their home is worth to more easily modify or refinance their loan into a more financially sound loan. This helps a lot of homeowners who have seen their property value drastically decline and probably bought their home when the housing “boom” was happening. This stimulus plan will help a lot of homeowners avoid foreclosure as well. Foreclosures hurt everyone involved as money is almost always lost on all ends. Check my site for more details. You probably qualify for the stimulus plan and can start saving a lot of money now.

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