Recently, Obama announced his housing stimulus plan which makes over 5 million homeowners instantly eligible for refinancing into a 2% fixed rate. This stimulus package will lower homeowners monthly payments so take advantage now.

Here are some key elements to the proposed Obama housing stimulus plan:

*Help current homeowners who have seen their property or home values decrease by 15% or more with a option to refinance. This helps a lot of homeowners who have seen their property values drop in value in the wake of this mortgage crisis.

*Make loan modification and refinancing a home loan an easier, more beneficial to the borrower, process.

*To keep home mortgage interest rates locked in to a specifice percentage. Ideally a 2% interest rate across the board.

*Provide no assistance or help to market speculators. They ultmiately profit from other peoples downfall and should not be helped.

*Help homeowners who are facing foreclosure or may default on their mortgage by allowing them to more easily refinance their current home loan.

This tough economy is making it harder for good financially responsible home owners and mortgage payers to get that payment in every month in full and on time. Hopefully though by allowing them a chance to refinance at a 2% interest rate, they will lower their costs enough to increase their standard of living, pay off bills, or save. Also, recently millions of people or their spouse have lost their jobs or have had their income reduced, which is adding to the nearly 6 million homes facing foreclosure. Property values in neighborhoods are really struggling, a 2% interest rate would almost instantly raise home values as property values also rise as less homes are foreclosed on and more are bought and sold.

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