Receiving a home mortgage refinance or loan modification from Countrywide is not as difficult as it would seem to be. I have included some tips here that will help you in dealing with Countrywide and get the mortgage refinance or modification you need.

Here are some basic tips when applying with Countrywide for refinancing or modification:

1)Display proof of financial hardship – If you have any proof of some kind of financial hardship bring it. Countrywide places a pretty high degree of importance on documents and verification. If you have lost your job, bring your pink slip with you. If you have high medical bills or other financial hardships bring in the proof of those as well.
2)Bring in all other bills and debts which you have – You must make is very clear to Countrywide that with the amount of income you have, and the bills and debts you owe, it is very hard to make a monthly mortgage payment. Bills and other documents of debt will enable the loan officer at Countrywide to get a true understanding of your financial hardships.
3)Know the interest rates you pay, and the average interest rate available now – Figure out how much you pay currently per month in interest rates. This is key because the best way to save money when refinancing is on the mortgage rates. Countrywide is often very competitive if not the lowest interest rate available. See how much of an interest rate difference you can get between your current rate and the rate a refinance from Countrywide can get you.

Refinancing a home with Countrywide can be a great thing to do. With interest rates at near all time lows, refinancing a home mortgage can mean savings of hundreds of dollars per month. Make sure you take your time though and use some patience to make sure you get the best refinancing deal possible.

-M Petrone

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