There is still plenty of time left to refinance your home mortgage using President Obamas mortgage refinance stimulus plan. Millions of homeowners can take advantage of this program and refinance their existing home loan into a new one with better mortgage rates, terms, and conditions such as a 4.5% fixed rate, here is how:

-Homeowners facing foreclosure can refinance into a new low fixed rate 4.5% home mortgage.

-Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac insured or owned mortgages are automatically eligible for a 4.5% home loan or modification.

-Homeowners who do not have the typical 20% equity needed to refinance can now be approved for a modification or refinance with out it.

This mortgage refinance plan will help millions of homeowners refinance their home loan into a new one with better interest rates, terms, and conditions. As a result of this, foreclosures will be curbed and confidence in the housing market will return. Look into refinancing your home mortgage today and see the potential huge savings you most likely are eligible for.

-M Petrone

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