The Federal Government and President Obama realize the American economy is in a troubled state right now. To help reverse this downward economic trend, the “Making Home Affordable” plan has been released. This mortgage refinance plan will allow millions of homeowners a chance to refinance into a fixed rate 2% home mortgage. Here is how:

Homeowners whom have seen their home value drop due to the mortgage crisis by 15% or more are going to be eligible to refinance into the fixed 2% home interest rate.
Homeowners who have a mortgage which is backed by either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac will be automatically, regardless of financial position or credit, eligible to modify their existing home loan into the same fixed 2% interest rate.
For homeowners who are facing immediate foreclosure a new streamlined, fast track, mortgage refinance plan is available. This will help homeowners stay in their homes and not lose them to foreclosure.
Homeowners who are going through almost any kind of financial hardships will be eligible for a home mortgage refinance into this fixed 2% rate. These financial hardships can be hospital bills, high credit card debt, tuition, car loans, almost any debts you have.

Millions of homeowners already qualify for this “Making Home Affordable” home mortgage refinance stimulus plan from Obama, and do not even know it. Taking advantage of this plan, in all likelihood, will save you hundreds of dollars every month, or more importantly, your home from foreclosure. Look into refinancing your home loan now and see the potential savings you can easily qualify for.

-M Petrone

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