As home mortgage interest rates drop lower and lower, money homeowners have been considering refinancing their homes in order to obtain these lower interest rates. There are many examples of homeowners being able to save hundreds of dollars every month by using a mortgage refinance to lower their payments, and help their financial future.

It would seem like that without a doubt that saving money every month through home loan refinancing, it may not be the correct choice for you. There are several things to take into consideration such as:

Are you going to be living in your home for the Long Term or Short Term?
An important question a homeowner should consider is how long they are going to live in their home. If you anticipate living in your home for 5 years or less, than it may be both difficult and unwise to get a refinance. The costs of refinancing need to be justified and it may not do so within that 5 year period.

Calculate the Total Savings.
Figure out what you are exactly saving with a proper refinance. If the savings are only a few dollars per month, perhaps you should cut minor costs elsewhere in your life and around the home as opposed to refinancing. This way, you would avoid closing costs and other related fees when refinancing. Refinancing to save $37 dollars a month just is not worth the time, hassle, risk, or closing costs.

Closely examine your finances.
Instead of just diving right into a mortgage refinance, closely examine your expenses and see if it is possible to reduce costs elsewhere to make the mortgage payment on time every month. See if you can simplify your budget and where costs can be cut before dealing with the costs of refinancing a home mortgage.

Know your credit rating.
If finances have been tight and as a result a mortgage payment or two have been late, or completely missed, check your credit rating to see how it has been affected. Generally, late mortgage payments may not be on your credit score while missed ones almost always will be reported. If your credit rating has suffered, refinancing your home may not be a money saving thing to do.

Make sure a home mortgage refinance or modification even makes sense.
Prior to actually refinancing your home make sure you have explored all of your options.. Make sure to get quotes from several reputable mortgage lenders and banks before signing anything. Also, make sure you are ready, with a good plan, on how to use the money you may be able to save n order to improve your future financial situation.

-M Petrone

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