Some homeowners have had a hard time getting their home refinanced or modified through Countrywide. However, getting a mortgage refinance or modification through Countrywide us not as hard as you think it would be. Here, I have included some basic, helpful, tips that will increase the chances of you getting an approval from Countrywide.

1.Provide some evidence of “Financial Hardship” - Show bills, receipts, income statements, or other evidence which proves that you are going through, or have recently experienced, a financial hardship. As with most reputable mortgage lenders, refinancing with Countrywide requires proper, valid and verifiable, financial documents. If you have recently been laid off or now receive a lower income due to cut backs, provide documentation that proves that.
2.Prove that paying your mortgage has now become a struggle – You must convince Countrywide that due to whatever reason, paying your mortgage payment every month has become a tough thing to do. Bring in medical bills, electric bills, grocery bills (The basics), and the like, so that Countrywide sees the urgency in the situation, and be more likely to approve a refinance or modification.
3.Do some calculations and basic research – Sit down and figure out how much your mortgage payments average every month. You must be sure that if you refinance, that it will be a worthwhile thing to do, and at what rates, terms, and conditions that must be met.

While obtaining a mortgage refinance or modification from Countrywide may not be the easiest thing to do in the world, it is entirely possible and often worthwhile. Often times, homeowners can save a few hundred dollars every month through a home refinance. Homeowners who are having a hard time paying their home every month and worried about losing their home should consider a mortgage refinance with Countrywide. Using the tips I have provided, your chances of being approved should dramatically increase.

-M Petrone

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