Modifying a home loan through Countrywide for some homeowners can be a difficult thing to do. Many homeowners have spent countless hours and sleepless nights trying to get their home loan modified through Countrywide. That will change with these basic tips I have provided which will help you get that loan modification approval from Countrywide.

Here are some basic tips which will improve your odds of getting your home mortgage modification application approved:

-Provide some sort of proof of your “Financial Hardships”. Make sure you have bills and other documents which support the fact that you have recently gone through a financial hardship. If you have have been laid off, or had your income reduced, make sure to bring in the paper work associated with these hardships.

-Bring in some of your other mandatory monthly expense paperwork. This will help push the message that odds are if things continue the way they are you may lose your home. Medical bills, power and gas bills, and maintenance bills, will help make the financial situation clear, and help you get a reworked Countrywide home mortgage with lower monthly payments.

-Go over how much you pay monthly for your mortgage, what your interest rate is, and the terms of your home loan. A big part of a Countrywide home loan modification will be figuring out exactly what your spending limits are, and what you are spending now, then adjust your mortgage from their. Typically to get a lower monthly mortgage payment the interest will be reduced, the loan lengthened, or a combination of the two.

If you are not ready to do some basic research and legwork than getting a Countrywide home loan modification may not be that easy. However, if you practice the tips I have provided your odds for getting approved will be much greater. A lot of homeowners have seen their monthly mortgage payments drop by hundreds of dollars. If you deal with Countrywide look into a home loan modification today.

-M Petrone

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