Are you a homeowner? Odds are you are eligible to take advantage of President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan and refinance or modify your home mortgage into a new fixed rate 2% home loan. Literally millions of existing homeowners can save hundreds of dollars every month with ease, here is how:

-Homeowners who have a mortgage financed or insured by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae are automatically eligible to refinance or modify their home mortgage into a fixed rate 2% home loan.

-If you have seen your property value drop by 15% or more as a result of this mortgage crisis, you can now refinance your mortgage into the fixed 2% rate available from Obamas refinance stimulus plan.

-Homeowners who are in or facing foreclosure can now be put on a fast track refinance plan which will help them save their home.

-If you have faced a financial hardship, such as a loss of income or job, tuition, high credit card debts, medical bills, or a list of other things you are eligible to refinance.

Overall this plan will benefit millions of homeowners and reports are that the average homeowner is saving hundreds every month by taking advantage of this plan. You should do so too.

-M Petrone

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