If you are considering getting a home loan refinance modification with Wells Fargo, you may find it easier, and more in your favor than ever before. Right now, President Obamas “Making Home Affordable Plan” allows homeowners the chance to get themselves into a 2% fixed rate home loan. Wells Fargo is a lender who is qualified to offer loan options following the guidelines of Obamas home mortgage refinancing and modification stimulus plan Here is how you can qualify, and use Wells Fargo's expertise to take advantage of Obamas plan:

The bailout plan from Obama allows home mortgage interest rates to be lowered to as low as 2% in order to help homeowners recover from the bad economy, and the worse housing market. Now a homeowner will have a much better chance of being approved for a home refinancing or modification plan that would save them money every month through reduced interest rates. Homeowners who have Wells Fargo as their home loan provider will benefit from the experience, knowledge, and good reputation they have for assisting homeowners, especially those in financial hardships. Wells Fargo already has a great track record of foreclosure prevention for its customers, which shows their willingness to work with a homeowner to get them an affordable monthly home payment, and avoid losing their home. Foreclosures really benefit nobody when its all said and done, Wells Fargo is aware of this and will work with you. Now though, they are able to offer more assistance than ever thanks to the $75 billion “Making Home Affordable Plan” which gives cash incentives to mortgage lenders and banks who work with “at risk” homeowners to refinance or modify their home loan. This means the odds of you being approved and saving your home have greatly improved.

When you are refinancing or getting a home loan modification, you are most likely dealing with the most expensive thing you will ever own in your life. By using the services of expert lending companies such as Wells Fargo, you are doing yourself a favor. Look into the potential savings you can get through a simple loan refinance or modification, you owe it to yourself.

-M Petrone

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