The “Making Home Affordable Plan” from President Obama allows homeowners facing foreclosure, or financial hardships, a opportunity to get a fixed rate 4% home loan. This plan will help over 9 millions homeowners with over $75 billion in Government funding. Here is how you can get a piece of the bailout for yourself, and get a money saving home loan modification or refinance:

Here are some of the very basic and easy to meet eligibility requirements for a homeowner who wants to use Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan for themselves:

-Homeowners who are in a “Financial Hardship”, and have documents such as bank statements, bills, lay off notices, or other relevant documentation for which they claim a financial hardship from, can now be approved for a home loan modification or refinancing, quickly and easily, through the use of a mortgage lender or bank participating on Obamas housing bailout plan. Include a brief handwritten letter with your signature, explaining your financial problems, and that you will lose your home if action is not taken to reduce the monthly loan payments. Include the relevant documents along with this note and your application for refinance or loan modification.

-Homeowners all over the country have been unfortunate enough to see the value of their home drop as the economy got worse, and the housing market struggled. Now, if a homeowner has seen their home value drop by 15% or more, that homeowner can get a loan modification or refinance through the use of this plan from Obama. A homeowner can even refinance if they owe up to 5% more on their mortgage than their homes actual market value. This helps a lot of homeowners who feel helpless paying a huge monthly payment on a property which is actually losing value.

Homeowners who are struggling financially, have a bad mortgage, have seen their home values drop, or are looking to save money every month, should look into the advantages and potential savings they can easily get through Obamas plan. Home loan refinancing and modification, have never been easier to get, nor have they ever been more in the borrowers favor. Now, especially if you are going into foreclosure, or have missed some payment, take action and do something about your financial, and homes future. Use this plan and start seeing the savings with next, and every months, home loan payments.

-M Petrone

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