President Obama and homeowners everywhere are very aware of the tough economic times that the country is going through. These tough times are leaving millions of homeowners struggling to make their monthly loan payments. Housing and property values have rapidly declined, and the record number of foreclosures makes the situation even worse, leaving surrounding properties and homes with a lowered value, by as much as 9% in some cases. A lot of homeowners now actually owe more than their home would be worth on the market. In order to fight these problems, the Obama administration introduced their $75 billion housing refinance and modification bailout plan. The plan, announced this past March, and is just now getting into full swing.

A lot of homeowners do not have the 20% equity typically needed to properly refinance or modify a home loan, and this is due in large part to the struggling housing market. Luckily, this Obama stimulus plan will make refinancing or loan modification easier than ever for homeowners to be approved for. This plan will also offer a lot of homeowners who are facing foreclosure the chance to save their home, and be able to keep it with manageable monthly payments.

Overall, this plan should enable over 9 million homeowners the chance to avoid foreclosure, lower their monthly interest payments, and possibly save their home from foreclosure. This will happen due to mortgage lenders and banks being given cash incentives from the Government for every homeowners who uses this plan to their advantage. These cash incentives will minimize the lenders or banks risk and enable them to approve more homeowners for a home loan refinancing or modification. Now the terms and conditions of being approved for a modification or refinance are more flexible and forgiving than ever before.

Homeowners who are worried about not being able to pay their monthly mortgage payments should immediately speak with a mortgage lender or bank and get more information on this home mortgage refinancing and modification stimulus plan from President Obama. The savings are easy to get, and could save you a lot of money every single month, or more importantly, your home from foreclosure.

-M Petrone

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