Are you a homeowner who is considering getting their home loan refinanced or modified through Wells Fargo? If so, you are in luck thanks to President Obamas “Making Home Affordable Plan” which will allow homeowners the opportunity to get themselves into a 2% fixed rate home loan through refinancing or loan modification. Wells Fargo is a large, reputable, qualified lender for Obamas plan. Here is more information for homeowners who want to get a refinancing or home loan modification through Wells Fargo.

Getting a refinance or home mortgage modification through Wells Fargo has never been easier, or more in the borrowers favor. The “Making Home Affordable Plan” now allows homeowners the chance to get a Government backed 2% fixed rate home loan. Wells Fargo, one of the nations leading mortgage companies, is now authorized to use Obamas plan to assist homeowners. This is possible due to the large lending power a company of that size has, and from the fact that the housing stimulus plan gives cash incentives to mortgage lenders and banks who assist homeowners who are “at risk” either financially, or of losing their home. With these cash incentives any risk a lender or banks were taking by helping homeowners in a “Financial Hardship”. Now, a struggling homeowner can enjoy the ultra low 2% fixed interest rate, and see huge savings every month through interest reductions.

By using such a big, reputable, powerful company such as Wells Fargo, you are doing yourself a favor. They have the experience and specialists to help almost any homeowner, in any situation. Especially now with the Obama housing bailout plan in full swing. Foreclosures are good for nobody, and banks and lenders know this. Now, more than ever, there is a willingness to want to help homeowners, as opposed to letting them lose their home to foreclosure or mortgage default.

Homeowners should at least look into the potential savings that can easily be had through a home refinancing or loan modification. This plan from Obama makes it easier, and more beneficial than ever for homeowners to save, on average hundreds per month, on their home loan payments. Ensure your financial future, and the future of your home today and take the action needed to refinance your home loan with Wells Fargo.

-M Petrone

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