If you are a homeowner who has a mortgage backed, financed, or insured by Wells Fargo you can take advantage of President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan which allows 2% fixed rate home mortgage refinancing or modification options. The savings a customer of Wells Fargo can obtain using this plan can easily equal hundreds of dollars every month. Here is how you can refinance or modify your home loan using President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan:

Wells Fargo is now offering a fixed rate 2% home loan refinancing or modification to homeowners who are approved for a refinance or loan modification through Obamas stimulus housing bailout plan. This means that a homeowner now has a much better chance of being approved for a money saving, interest reducing, home loan refinancing. Homeowners who are lucky enough to use Wells Fargo as their home loan provider have the assurance that one of the biggest, most reputable, companies in the industry have the resources to help almost any homeowners in any financial situations. Mortgage lenders like Wells Fargo have realized that allowing a large amount of homes to go into foreclosure benefits no one, and now more than ever, they are going to work with “at risk” homeowners in an attempt to avoid foreclosures and mortgage defaults.

Making a big decision on what is most likely going to be the most expensive purchase in your life can be intimidating, and sometimes scary, but it does not have to be. Wells Fargo has loan specialists who work with people in tough financial situations, to find them the best refinancing or mortgage modification deal possible. Take advantage of this great program form Obama and get yourself locked into a 2% mortgage, and see the savings quickly add up.

-M Petrone

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