Wells Fargo is taking part in President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan. This means that if you are a homeowner and looking to get a home loan refinance or modification, now is the best time ever. This plans guidelines, which Wells Fargo follows, allows a home owner to get a fixed rate 2% home loan. This will enable millions of homeowners to save a lot of money every month, or even save their home from foreclosure.. Here is is some great information to get you started.

Homeowners who are facing “Financial Hardships” including, bad mortgages, job loss, loss of income, hospital bills, high credit card debt, or a whole list of things can use this plan and get themselves into a new home loan with a 2% fixed interest rate. Luckily for customers of Wells Fargo, they have the specialists and resources necessary to allow homeowners full use of this plan to help them save money or their home. This, combined with Obamas plan, is just the thing many Wells Fargo customers need to save their financial futures from disaster.

This plan even allows homes which are now worth less in the market than the mortgage on them is for. This will enable homeowners who have seen the value of their home drop as a result of the housing crisis. So even if your mortgage is worth up to 5% more than your home, you can still get approved for a loan refinance or modification. Now, Wells Fargo customers can do themselves a favor and get into a much more affordable loan, and use the savings to pay off other debts.

Homeowners who have thinking about getting a mortgage modification or refinance should jump at this chance to save a large amount of money every month. Call your Wells Fargo loan officer and see what your options are, and the potential savings you will get. Take action of your situation and do something about it before it gets worse.

-M Petrone

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