The new housing bailout plan from President Obama will save millions of homeowners hundreds of dollars per month, or even their home from foreclosure. Homeowners can now get a 4% fixed rate home mortgage through refinancing or loan modification through the use of this plan. Here is what you need to do:

-Now refinancing or loan modification is easier and more beneficial than ever before. The entire loan modification and refinance process has been streamlined to allow a easier time for homeowners. There is over $75 billion in funds for this plan from President Obama which will allow more homeowners than ever to get a new affordable home loan.

-Many homes have dropped by 15% or more in value as a result of the hurting economy, bad housing market, and lack of buyers. A homeowner is now able to refinance or get a mortgage modification on a home which has lost 15% or more of its value as a result of the housing meltdown. A lot of homeowners have been paying on time for years now, and they still have a home dropping in value. This plan will help those homeowners.

-Financial hardships of all kinds are reasons to be approved for Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan. A homeowner may even owe up to 5% more on their home loan than there home is actually worth.

-Homeowners who are truly at risk of losing their home through a foreclosure or mortgage default can now have a real chance to save their house with Obamas plan. This plan will let homeowners at risk of losing their home a chance to refinance or get a modification into a 4% fixed rate home mortgage.

Mortgage modification or refinancing
are great options, especially now, for a homeowner to save money every month, or much more importantly, their home. President Obama has designed this plan to help homeowners who are hurting the most, first. Take action now and see just how much money you could be saving every single month. I bet you are surprised on how much it actually is.

-M Petrone

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