The economy today has caused many problems to many people and homeowners have taken a big hit. Countrywide is offering assistance to struggling owners that can’t seem to stay current with the home mortgage payments. They offer lower interest rates along with extensions on the owners’ current loan.

Countrywide offers homeowners options other than foreclosure like:

1.Mortgage refinancing

2.Provisional leniency

3.Legal document instead of foreclosure

4.Lower interest rate

5.Waived late payment fees

6.Short deal

7.Foreclosure settlement

8.Repaying of the balance on the loan

Prior to applying for the Countrywide loan modification program you should have your current financial statement settled and if possible clean up your credit report. This will help the process along when Countrywide looks over your application while deciding whether or not to approve you for the mortgage modification or refinancing program. You can also provide them with a financial hardship letter with reasons with your current instability.

What is recommended is that you set a date for when it is that you will be able to start paying the mortgage continuously without defaulting on the payments. Make sure to budget your income so that when the mortgage is due you can pay it no matter what may happen. Be organized and stay alert so that you can avoid foreclosure and stay in you home. The Country Loan Modification program can be the answer you have longing for. Mortgage refinancing and loan modification are both offered by Countrywide.

-M Petrone

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