Homeowners wishing to refinance or get a home loan modification with Countrywide are at a advantage. Although refinancing and mortgage modification can seem confusing, hard to do, or not worth it, many times, Countrywide can find a way to save your home from foreclosure, or save you hundreds of dollars per month on your home loan payments. Here are some tips to help you get approved for a mortgage refinance or modification with Countrywide.

Some tips to help your chance of being approved for a home loan modification or refinancing with Countrywide:

1)Be sure to have a list typed out of all the forms, documents, and other information which is needed from a mortgage lender or bank when you are applying for a home loan modification or refinance. Being organized and having everything ready and easy to find will make your refinancing experience much easier, and less frustrating.

2)Make sure to set and follow a new budget for you and your family based around a mortgage being refinanced or modified. This should be a goal monthly payment when you are discussing your refinancing and modification options with Countrywide. Find a payment amount which you will be able to afford, and still falls within Countrywides limits and guidelines. Make sure that you minimize all expenses that are not absolutely necessary as you do not want to fall into the same financial problems again, after you refinance. It will be a important deciding factor for Countrywide if they actually think you will be able to follow your budget.

3)Include a briefly detailed letter of any “Financial Hardships” you are going through. This can include job loss, reduced income, hospital bills, bad mortgages, and a lot more things. This will increase your chances of being approved for a mortgage refinancing or modification with Countrywide. Include all relevant documents like bills, lay off notices, and bank statements.

Look into refinancing or getting a home loan modification with Countrywide now and see how much you can save.

-M Petrone

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