Refinancing or getting a home loan modification through Ditech (GMAC) is now easier, and more beneficial for a homeowner than is has ever been. President Obamas housing stimulus plan allows millions of homeowners the opportunity to refinance or modify their home loan into a fixed rate 4% mortgage, and Ditech is participating. Here are some helpful tips which should help you get a mortgage modification or refinancing from Ditech (GMAC).

Homeowners who have been turned down for a loan refinance should still apply now as the rules have totally changed. Ditech is included in Obamas plan to help homeowners and approve them for a modification of their loan so they can prevent foreclosure, or mortgage defaulting. Here are a few ways you can use this plan from Obama which Ditech participates in:

-Home mortgages can be lengthened to 30 or even 40 years in order to make the monthly payment affordable for the homeowner. This will also help prevent future financial problems where your home is at risk.

-Portions of your remaining principal balance may, and most likely will, be deferred.

-Home mortgage interest rates can be lowered to as low as 2% in to help a homeowners regain their financial stability, and to meet the requirements of President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan.

No fees or closing costs are going to be necessary when you use Obamas plan to get a loan refinance or modification. Mortgage lenders and banks are given cash incentives from the Government for every homeowner who is in a financial hardship they approved a loan modification or refinancing for. This means that requirements to refinance are now looser than ever, and lenders will approve more applications because their risks are minimized by the Government incentive money.

Homeowners who use Ditech (GMAC) should look into mortgage refinancing or modification using Obamas plan and see how much you are able to save through reduced interest rates alone. There is over $75 billion in money to help homeowners and odds are, especially with Ditech as your lender, you will get approved for loan modification or refinance. There really has never been a better time for a homeowner to easily save a lot of money every month.

-M Petrone

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