Wells Fargo is following President Obamas recently announced “Making Home Affordable” plan. This plan will allow homeowners a chance to refinance or get a home loan modification into a fixed, 4% interest rate. This plan is easy to take advantage for homeowners with a mortgage with Wells Fargo. Here is what you need to know:

This “Making Home Affordable” plan will give cash incentives to mortgage lenders and banks who can approved homeowners who are “at risk” of losing their homes, or facing other financial hardships. These hardships can be something like losing a job, reduced income, high credit card debts, hospital bills, bad mortgages, and a long list of other circumstances qualify for Obamas plan. Wells Fargo is approving more home loan modification and refinancing applications now, for homeowners who would not have been able to do so prior to the plan, and save them hundreds of dollars per month, or their home from foreclosure. Homeowners who have been denied before, or told they do not have enough equity to refinance or modify their mortgage should try again now that this plan is in place.

When a homeowner is lucky enough to deal with a mortgage lender as big and reputable as Wells Fargo, they can rest assured that they are dealing with the best. Wells Fargo is with you when you need help, and they will help you. They have the reputation, and connections to help homeowners who are financially struggling and save their home. They have the size and leverage to offer you a wide type of loans, and will use professionals to help you.

Homeowners looking to get a mortgage refinancing or modification with Obamas plan and Wells Fargo will typically be very happy with the results. Homeowners can easily save hundreds of dollars per month, or their home from being foreclosed on. You should at least take a little time and call Wells Fargo and see the potential savings. Odds are, even if you do not believe it, you will be approved for a home loan refinance or modification with better interest rates, terms, conditions, or all three. Do yourself a favor and take action now.

-M Petrone

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