Homeowners with mortgage through Wells Fargo can now use President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan and refinance or modify their home loan. Refinancing and home loan modification are now easier and more beneficial than ever, especially homeowners who use Wells Fargo. Find out if you are one of the millions of homeowners who are eligible to use this plan and save hundreds per month.

Financial hardships of all kinds, loss of job, reduced income, hospital bills, bad mortgages, high credit card debts, and a lot more, are giving homeowners all across the country problems. President Obamas plan would allow homeowners facing “Financial Hardship” the chance to refinance or modify their mortgage into a much more affordable monthly payment. This will prevent homeowners from being foreclosed on or defaulting on their mortgage. Wells Fargo is taking part in Obamas plan, and will help its customers using the plans guidelines.

Also, homeowners who have been paying their mortgage yet still have a home loan worth more than the homes market value due to declining home values, can use this plan and refinance or get a home loan modification, and it is really easy with Wells Fargo. Now, a homeowner can owe up to 5% more than their homes worth, and still be approved for a mortgage refinancing or modification through use of Obamas stimulus plan.

Homeowners lucky enough to use Wells Fargo can be sure that one of the best companies in the country is hard at work trying to help them. Do yourself a favor and see how much you can save through refinancing or home loan modification today.

-M Petrone

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