Choosing the right mortgage lender, is nearly as important as choosing the right refinancing option. To help homeowners easily choose a good mortgage lender here are 4 things you should know. Using these tips and getting a good mortgage lender can lead to huge savings for homeowners.

1)Know your reasons for wanting a mortgage refinancing.
Are you looking to lower your interest rate? Want the stability of a fixed rate loan? Need some cash from the equity you have built in your home? Any of these things is possible through mortgage refinancing. Most homeowners refinance to take advantage, especially lately, of lower mortgage interest rates than were available to them. Other popular reasons to refinance include getting out of an ARM (Adjustable rate mortgage) loan and into a stable, fixed rate, mortgage. Also, a lot of homeowners desire or need a large amount of cash. Homeowners who have equity in their home can refinance their mortgage against that and pocket the difference. Homeowners may also be able to just refinance into an extended mortgage length which would reduce the monthly mortgage payments.

2)Know the different Mortgage Types, and a variety of Mortgage Lenders.
There are plenty of qualified mortgage lenders who will handle your mortgage refinancing. Banks, mortgage lenders, credit unions, and mortgage brokers, just to name a few. Mortgage brokers, are representatives on your behalf who shop your situation around to a variety of different mortgage lenders and banks, and are usually worth their extra cost. Especially if a homeowner is having a hard time getting a decent quote.

Also get to know the basic terms, conditions, and expectations from a mortgage lender before you apply. Know what an ARM loan is, what points are, and the average mortgage rates across the country. This is all easily available online. This way you have a rough idea, and can ask more questions, when refinancing a mortgage.

3)Be sure to Comparison Shop between different Mortgage Lenders.
Mortgage refinancing is easier to do these days than it ever has been before. There are a large number of online companies, in addition to the traditional brick and mortar lenders, that will be happy to have you as a customer. Each lender has its own policies, terms, and conditions. That is why quotes from different lenders will often be different. It is good to get quotes from all potential mortgage lenders, and make the choice from there.

4)Negotiate for the Best Mortgage Refinancing deal which will Meet your Financial needs.
Typically, the terms, conditions, and interest rate you get when refinancing are dependent on which type of refinancing and loan you wish to get. Make sure you know exactly what you want, and expect, from each mortgage lender. If there are problems, extra costs, or things which seem expensive, like closing costs, ask to have those costs lowered. Always remember, you are the customer, and you can leave and choose another lender.

These are just a few simple mortgage refinancing tips which all homeowners can use. Refinancing a home loan can be a great financial move for a lot of people to make. However, if you refinance the wrong way, or get taken advantage of, you will probably be in a worse situation than you are in now. Make sure you take a little time and do some research on refinancing and potential mortgage lenders.

-M Petrone

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