Bank if America is offering homeowners a chance to get a more affordable monthly mortgage payment through a home loan modification. This is because Bank of America (BoA) is an approved lender of the Government taking part in the “Making Home Affordable” plan.

This is a $75 billion plan from the Government to bailout homeowners facing financial hardships, and other problems. There are only a few mortgage lenders taking part in this plan, and Bank of America is one of them. Getting a Bank of America Home Loan Modification is now easier, and more beneficial than it has ever been for a homeowner. This is because the $75 billion will be used to give to lenders like BoA who approve homeowners who are at risk of losing their home, or facing foreclosure. This means even homeowners who have been turned down in the past can get an easy approval for a more affordable monthly home loan from Bank of America.

This plan is estimated to help millions of homeowners. Luckily for customers of Bank of America, they have the expertise, and reputation needed, to truly help a homeowner get the best mortgage possible when getting a home loan modification.

This plan will help the housing market, homeowners, and the economy in general. Homeowners who risk losing their home to foreclosure, defaulting on their mortgage, or other financial problems should look into the potential savings to be had through a Bank of America mortgage modification.

-M Petrone

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