Homeowners looking to save money on their monthly mortgage payment, or save their home from foreclosure, you are in luck. Ditech is ready to participate in President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan, which is a refinancing and home loan modification plan which millions of homeowners can benefit from. Here is how:

Homeowners everywhere are now eligible to use Obamas mortgage stimulus plan, and get a new, lower, monthly mortgage payment through refinancing and mortgage modification. The guidelines in Obamas plan have over $75 billion in funds to help homeowners. This money will be used primarily to give to mortgage lenders and banks who approve “at risk” or homeowners facing “financial hardships”. This will allow lenders like Ditech to approve more homeowner applications for refinancing and mortgage modification. It has never been easier or more beneficial for a homeowner to get approved fro refinancing through Ditech, even if you have been denied before. Homeowners facing “Financial Hardships” will receive extra help from Ditech. These financial hardships can be a lot things from loss of a job, to reduced income, high hospital bills, bad debts, bad home loans, and a whole long list of other circumstances. Homeowners who refinance through Ditech with a financial hardship should include a letter stating their hardships, with an emphasis on needing a lower monthly mortgage payment to help. This letter will greatly help homeowners get approved for refinancing or mortgage modification through Ditech.

A lot of homeowners have seen their homes lose value due to the hurting economy and worse housing market. These homeowners can now get approved through Ditech for a refinance or mortgage modification. This will help lower the monthly home loan payment, which will help homeowners stay in their homes and not lose them to foreclosure or defaulting on their mortgage. The new mortgage through Ditech can not be more than 31% of a homeowners gross monthly income. This will instantly reduce a lot of homeowners monthly payments by 20% or more, which is a huge savings.

Mortgage refinancing with Ditech is truly a good option for homeowners who need to save money. This plan from Obama makes getting approved, and into an affordable home loan, easier than ever. Millions of homeowners can take advantage of this plan, right now, and see the savings start next month. Homeowners should look into the potential savings through this plan and take action accordingly.

-M Petrone

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