Getting a Ditech home loan modification is easier than ever. Thanks to the Governments $75 billions homeowner stimulus plan, a homeowner can now get a home loan modification into a more affordable monthly rate. This will a lot of people from losing their homes, and a lot of people a lot of money. Ditech is one of the mortgage lenders who are approved by the Government to use this plan. Here is what you should know to help you take advantage of it:

-If a homeowner is facing a financial hardship, the odds will be better of getting approved for a mortgage modification. This “Financial Hardship” can range from loss of job, recent home interest rate increases, loss of wages, hospital bills, and basically all unavoidable financial problems. A homeowner should include tax returns, bank statements, lay off notices, and all other relevant paperwork and turn it in with their home loan modification application.

-Homeowners who have seen the value of their homes drop are not completely out of luck. A home loan modification can now be gotten thanks to the Governments bailout plan. A home loan modification may be able to adjust somewhat for current market values and help you save a lot of money.

-A homeowner must actually live in, as their main home, the residence to be modified through the Government plan.

A Ditech home loan modification is now easier to get than it ever has been. A homeowner should take advantage and see the huge savings starting on their next home loan payment.

-M Petrone

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