Besides being one of the biggest, most reputable mortgage lenders in the industry, Ditech is also approved from the Government to offer its housing stimulus plan. This plan allows homeowners to easily refinance or get a home loan modification and save their home. Using this plan for your self is easy, and Ditech makes it even easier:

-Ditech knows the exact details and guidelines of the Governments stimulus plan, and their professional mortgage lenders will work with you to get the approval you need to save you lots of money, or your home.

-Their are only a handful of mortgage lenders who are approved to offer this plan. These mortgage lenders will get cash incentives to cover the closing costs and financial risks that are taken when approving homeowners with financial problems. This allows the approved lenders, like Ditech, the chance to approve more homeowners, with less risk to them. Homeowners who would not have been approved prior to this plan can now get refinancing easier than ever.

-Home loan modification is available for homeowners who pay more than 31% of their gross monthly income towards their mortgage. This could be a 15% or more reduction in monthly payments for millions of homeowners.

-Homes which have lost value, or mortgages which are worth more than the homes market value, can now get approved for refinancing. Mortgages worth up to 5% more than the homes actual market value can get approved for refinance, while before this plan these homes would not have a chance at getting approved.

Ditech is going all out to help homeowners save their home. This plan allows them to take even more action, and help more people. Homeowners should take this plan and use it for their own situation. Call Ditech and see just how much you may be able to save.

-M Petrone

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