CitiMortgage is one of the few lenders approved to offer homeowners a mortgage refinancing or loan modification using Obamas housing stimulus plan. This plan is designed to help struggling homeowners save their home, and get their finances in order. Besides being allowed to offer this mortgage bailout plan, CitiMortgage is a good, reputable, large, lender. They have the know how and experience needed to help homeowners.

CitiMortgage and the other approved banks and lenders are able to offer this because there is over $75 billion in cash incentives from the Government to give to lenders who approve homeowners at risk of losing their home. This Government incentive money covers the closing costs, and some of the financial risk a lender or bank takes on with a homeowner who is facing “financial hardship” and needs mortgage relief. There are over 9 million homeowners who will can benefit from this plan, and if your facing financial problems, you probably are too.

CitiMortgage has the offices, resources, and personnel to assist homeowners who wish to use this mortgage bailout plan for themselves. Homeowners who use CitiMortgage have the benefit of knowing that some of the best people in the industry are on their side. Homeowners who would have never been approved are now using a CitiMortgage Refinancing or Modification to help save their home.

Homeowners who are facing any type of money problems should contact CitiMortgage immediately and see what type of assistance they can offer you. The longer your wait, the harder things will get. This mortgage bailout plan will help the typical homeowner save hundreds of dollars every month. This money can be used anyway you wish, and more importantly, may save your home.

-M Petrone

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