Mortgage refinancing and home loan modification are more popular than ever. This is because more homeowners are getting approved, and getting themselves into a more affordable monthly home loan payment. This is all possible because of President Obamas mortgage bailout plan, which millions of people are eligible for. Here is who can use this plan, and how it works.

This $75 billion mortgage bailout plan is designed to help homeowners who are struggling financially, facing foreclosure, or are at risk of defaulting on their mortgage. Money will be given every time a mortgage lender approves a homeowner who is considered “high risk” or otherwise has a good chance of losing their home. This money gives mortgage lenders a chance to approve more homeowners, and minimize their risks at the same time. Homeowners with a low ltv (loan to value) ratio, bad debts, or have been denied before, can most likely get a home loan modification or refinancing.

Here are some of the eligibility requirements that a homeowner must meet if they want to use the mortgage bailout plan

-The home must be lived in as the main residence by the mortgage holder.

-The homeowner must not have declared bankruptcy in the past.

-The balance of the home loan must be less than $729,500

-The home loan must have been signed on and closed on before January 1st 2009.

Mortgage refinancing and modification has never been easier or more beneficial for a homeowner than it is right now. The Governments mortgage bailout plan allows homeowners a chance to get into a much more affordable monthly mortgage, and save their home from being foreclosed on. Take advantage of this plan now and get yourself a mortgage modification or refinancing.

-M Petrone

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