Homeowners can avoid foreclosure and mortgage default be refinancing or getting a home loan modification through President Obamas housing stimulus plan. Millions of homeowners can use this plan to see savings of hundreds of dollars per month on their mortgage, and more importantly, save their home. Here is what you need to know to use this plan for yourself:

-Home loans which were signed prior to January 1st 2009 are able to use this mortgage bailout plan for their situation. Mortgages which were closed on after that are eligible for an $8000 tax credit, but that is different.

-Mortgages from Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and are over 31% of a homeowners income, are eligible for a home loan modification. This modification will lower the homeowners monthly mortgage payment to less than they are paying now, or lower than 31%. This is a savings of 20% or more for a lot of homeowners.

-Homes which have dropped in value, can now get approved for mortgage refinancing or modification with this stimulus plan from the Government. Homeowners all over have seen their property values drop due to foreclosures, a bad housing market, tightened lending, and bad mortgages.

-Mortgages which exceed the homes market value by as much as 5% will still qualify for home loan modification or refinancing. Previously, a homeowner who owed more than the homes worth would never have a chance at approval.

Foreclosures and mortgage defaults
can easily be avoided if a homeowner just takes action. The Government put this plan in place to help struggling homeowners, and if you are, you need to take control of your situation and get a mortgage refinancing or home loan modification through this plan before time runs out. You do not want to lose your home if you do not have to, and now you have an option.

-M Petrone

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