Homeowners with a bad credit rating, and are behind on their mortgages and other loans, yet still have some equity in their home, should consider mortgage refinancing. With mortgage rates near all time lows, homeowners can easily save a lot of money, and improve their finances, by getting a refinance. Here are 3 things which you should be aware of when looking to get a home loan refinanced:

-Do research on potential Mortgage Lenders
Mortgage lenders and banks are a dime a dozen. Even if you find a good, reputable, lender, it will still be good to have choices, and other mortgage lender options. Homeowners with bad credit may have a hard time getting approved for a traditional refinancing and may need to look for a sub prime mortgage lender. Sub prime lenders typically charge higher closing costs and interest rates, but for a homeowner with bad credit it may still be worthwhile. Be sure to check the potential lender out using the internet. Check the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and check for any negative claims against them. Make sure they have been in business a reasonable amount of time, and are indeed registered in your state as a mortgage lender. If for any reason you are unable to find the potential lender in the BBB, give up, and look for a new mortgage lender or bank.

-Always Comparison Shop Different Refinancing Options between Mortgage Lenders
Once you have found a mortgage lender, broker, or bank who can work with you and help, make sure to get the quoted refinancing deal written down on paper. Take this exact refinance quote and compare it to other mortgage lenders offers. You can use this low quote as leverage against the mortgage lender or bank, and attempt to get a lower interest rate, or better mortgage refinancing deal. Having a written quote shows the competing lender that you are serious, and credit worthy to someone.

-Do not Forget about Good Customer Service
Mortgages are often the most expensive thing a person will ever have to pay in their lives. For this reason, there are a lot of different mortgage lenders. Make sure that the lender or bank you are dealing with has local offices, kind and professional staff. This is a general good work ethic, and improves your chances of being satisfied post mortgage refinancing.

-M Petrone

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