Mortgage refinancing is a very popular option for a lot of homeowners who are looking to save money. In general refinancing a home loan is easy to do. However, there are some simple tips which can help you save time and money.

Mortgage Lenders
There are all types of mortgage lenders competing for your business today. Some of them do not even have a traditional brick and mortar location, just an internet presence. While all traditional mortgage lenders typically operate the same, the are hardly alike. Look for a mortgage lender who offers low interest rates, low closing costs and fees, and good customer service. That is the winning trifecta needed for a homeowner to have a good refinance.

Homeowners with bad credit should look at sub prime mortgage lenders. While their interest rates are generally higher than a standard refinancing option, they are usually better than a person with bad credit would be able to get through a standard mortgage lender. Sub prime refinancing, while not the best option, may still be beneficial for homeowners in certain financial situations.

Mortgage Loan Types

When refinancing, a homeowner will have a wide variety of loan and rate choices. In general, a fixed rate has a higher interest rate than an ARM (Adjusted rate mortgage) but is often the better financial move to make. Fixed rate home loan offer long term financial stability, and a homeowner with a fixed rate loan will never see an interest rate increase.

Homeowners who are no planning on staying in their home for long or are in other situations may want to opt for an ARM loan. These loan types sometimes offer an introductory fixed rate, sometimes for up to 36 months. Homeowners who think they will be getting a large amount of cash, moving, selling, or who believe their credit will dramatically increase in the future, should think about an ARM loan. Then refinance into a fixed rate mortgage in the future when conditions improve.

-M Petrone

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