Bank of America is one of a few Government approved lenders who can offer President Obamas housing stimulus plan. This plan allows a homeowner the chance to get a better, more affordable mortgage through refinancing or home loan modification. Here is how you can use this plan, and Bank of America, to save your home:

-Homeowners who have been facing “Financial Hardships” can use Bank of America to get a more affordable monthly mortgage payment. These hardships can include, loss of job, reduced wages, hospital bills, increased mortgage payments, and anything else financial that is out of the homeowners control. Homeowners should write a letter stating these financial hardships, why they need a mortgage refinancing or modification, and their budget should they get approved. Include this letter with your application and turn it all in at the same time to Bank of America. This will actually increase the chances of you getting approved.

-Homeowners who wish to use this plan can not have used it before or declared bankruptcy.

-Homeowners facing losing their home to foreclosure or mortgage default can be put on a fast track mortgage modification program which will increase the chance of keeping the home.

-Mortgage payments which exceed 31% of a homeowners gross monthly income can use Bank of America and the Governments housing stimulus plan to get a new home loan. This loan will not exceed 31% of a homeowners monthly income. Many struggling homeowners pay 50% or more of their income towards their mortgage, this would be a huge savings.

Bank of America is prepared to help millions of homeowners save their home through refinancing or mortgage modification. Homeowners facing these problems should contact them today and see how much they could be saving by using this Government housing stimulus plan.

-M Petrone

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