There are only a handful of approved mortgage lenders who are able to offer the Government stimulus plan for homeowners. Wells Fargo, is one of them. Homeowners can get a mortgage refinancing or modification into a much more affordable monthly mortgage payment.

This Government plan allows homeowners who would have never been approved before to get a home loan modification or refinancing through Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo, and other approved mortgage lenders will be given cash incentives for approving homeowners who are “at risk” or facing financial problems. This money is what makes getting approved easier than ever before. With the cash incentives Wells Fargo and other lenders get, they are minimizing their financial risks which allows more approvals. This is great news for many homeowners who are struggling to make their monthly mortgage payment.

Now, homeowners who have lost their job, have a reduced income, have hospital bills, whose mortgage payments have increased, and a whole lot of other financial problems, can get approved through Wells Fargo for a refinancing or mortgage modification. These homeowners would have never been approved for any type of truly beneficial refinancing without this $75 billion Government mortgage bailout plan.

Also, homeowners who have seen their property values drop, and owe more on their mortgage then the home is worth, can get approved from Wells Fargo for mortgage modification or refinancing. This will prevent millions of homeowners from going into foreclosure, or defaulting on their mortgage.

Overall this $75 billion Government mortgage bailout plan will help millions of homeowners save their home, and improve their financial position. Mortgage refinancing and modification have never been easier to get through Wells Fargo, and homeowners should take advantage.

-M Petrone

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