All new mortgage refinancing and modification options are now available for homeowners in all types of bad situations. Do you want a mortgage with a 2% interest rate? Need to refinance a mortgage that is worth more than the homes market value? Facing financial problems and risk losing your home? This Government sponsored mortgage bailout plan is for you.

Lately, you may have been hearing about stimulus plan available to homeowners to get a cheaper mortgage. Well, this entirely true. Millions of homeowners can now get a refinancing or mortgage modification in order to help them save their home, money, and get their finances in order. This is all because of over $75 billion in funding that will be given to mortgage lenders and banks who offer help to struggling homeowners.

This money will allow the lenders and banks the chance to loosen their restrictions, and help more homeowners than ever before. With this money, all of a homeowners closing costs and fees are paid for, and some of the financial risks the lender assumes when approving you are minimized. This means that mortgage refinancing or modification, even for homeowners with a bad mortgage, bad credit, or financial problems, is easier, and better for a homeowner than ever before.

Mortgage rates can be lowered, to as low as 2%, and home loan lengths can be changed so that lenders can meet the requirements of the Governments stimulus plan. Also, homeowners can now get refinancing approval even if they owe more money towards the mortgage then the homes market value. This is a big change form typical refinancing practices, and allows many homeowner with bad home loans, and financial problems, the chance to get a better, more affordable, mortgage.

Homeowners should jump at this amazing chance to get a extremely low interest rate for their home. The savings easily add up to hundreds of dollars per month for the typical homeowner.

-M Petrone

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