Homeowners can get a mortgage modification which will lower their monthly payments and help them keep their homes. Luckily for homeowners, CitiMortgage can provide help to many homeowners by finding the right home loan modification program. Here are some tips which will help make the process easier and better for you.

-Never be afraid to ask questions, and be open and honest with the CitiMortgage loss mitigation department.
DO not hire a mortgage broker or lawyer to help you modify a home loan. CitiMortgage has an entire loss mitigation department dedicated to helping homeowners, and will happily assist them in finding the information they need, and find some modification options.

-Have all the proper documents.
Make sure that all the needed financial, bank, tax, and other information which is needed for a home loan modification is easily accessible. Homeowners will be scrutinized heavily due to the economic meltdown. Anything on your application which is not verifiable will raise red flags and can easily get you denied a home loan modification. Also, make sure every single item is filled in, and then double check it all. Make sure your mortgage modification application is error free. If there are errors in your application, it will not be reviewed and sent back to you with a note as to why. This will be a waste of time for you, and them.

-Have Patience
With times being tough right now for so many homeowners, many people are looking for mortgage modification or refinancing help and the applications are coming in at a faster pace than ever before. Always attempt to make weekly contact with your lender or bank, and do not be surprised if you do not hear back from them immediately. If your application was accepted from the CitiMortgage loss mitigation department, you can be sure that your home loan modification application will be reviewed, and an answer will be sent.

-M Petrone

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