Mortgage refinancing to avoid foreclosure is becoming an increasingly popular option for many homeowners. Whether they have a bad increasing mortgage, are facing financial hardships, or just need a lower monthly home loan payment, the Governments “Making Home Affordable” plan can help.

This plan is part of a $75 billion mortgage bailout program which helps struggling homeowners keep their home and avoid foreclosure, or defaulting on their mortgage. This plan is designed to help the millions of homeowners who need lower monthly payments. This will be done by giving money to mortgage lenders and banks as an incentive to approve struggling homeowners for refinancing or home loan modification. This money, besides covering any closing costs the homeowner may incur, will cover a lot of the financial risks the mortgage lender takes on with a struggling homeowner.

What this means for homeowners is easier, more flexible, and more beneficial refinancing and mortgage modification options than ever before. Homeowners who have been denied, do not have enough equity in their home, or owe more on the mortgage than the homes worth, can get approved for home loan assistance. Before this plan existed, these homeowners were pretty much out of luck and on their own. Now though, with the record foreclosure rates, and people losing their homes everywhere, things have changed for the benefit of the homeowner.

With so many advantages for homeowners, this plan will help millions of people. Besides helping individual homeowners, the overall housing market, and economy, will see a benefit from this. With such a massive number of people losing their homes, no one benefits. Mortgage lenders, banks, and the Government have stepped in to help homeowners, and you need to take advantage.

-M Petrone

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