Bank of America is now able to help more homeowners than ever get the refinancing they need. There are new options which allow Bank of America to help millions of homeowners who would have been denied before. The Governments housing stimulus plan, and Bank of America will help you get a more affordable mortgage. Here is how:

-Only a very few selected mortgage lenders and banks are authorized to offer this plan to struggling homeowners. These selected lenders and banks will get money from this stimulus plan every time they help a homeowner who is at risk of losing their home. This money means there are no closing costs for homeowners, or other fees which would have typically added up to thousands of dollars.

-Bank of America can reduce interest rates, as low as 2%, or extend the length of time to pay off the loan in. Both of these would lower a homeowners monthly payments, and a combination of the two would dramatically reduce your home loan payments. This is only possible from mortgage lenders and banks who have been selected to offer this stimulus plan.

-Homeowners commonly owe more on their mortgage than their home is actually worth, This is especially true with the bad housing market, plummeting home prices, and the lack of buyers. Now though, even homeowners who owe as much as 5% more than their homes worth, can still get assistance from this Government stimulus plan.

Bank of America home loan refinancing options are plentiful for all types of homeowners. Right now is one of the best, and easiest times ever to refinance your mortgage. This stimulus plan will help millions of homeowners, and Bank of America is ready, and authorized, to help.

-M Petrone

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