Bank of America now haw the ability to offer the Presidents “Making Home Affordable” plan. With this plan, millions of struggling homeowners can get the help they need in reducing their home loan payments every month. Taking advantage of this plan is easy thanks to Bank of America. Here is how:

Now, homeowners do not have to fear foreclosure because they can not afford their mortgage payments every month. Getting a more affordable home loan by refinancing or modification is easier, and more beneficial for homeowners than it has ever been before. Why? Because lenders and banks like BoA (Bank of America) have begun receiving cash incentives from the Governments plan. This money will be given to a lender or bank who successfully helps a homeowner get a lower monthly mortgage. Right now, mortgage lenders and banks who are offering this plan, have eased their lending requirements so they can help more homeowners, and take advantage of the stimulus money.

Mortgage foreclosures and defaults are at all time highs. Nearly 1 in 8 homeowners is in serious risk of losing their home. However, this plan can change that for many people. Now, homeowners have new options which allow them to:

-Refinance even if they owe more than the home is worth.

-Get a better mortgage for homes which have dropped in value.

-Get lower interest rates.

-Obtain an affordable monthly home loan payment.

Homeowners who have financial problems, would have been hard pressed to actually find a mortgage refinancing option which would actually help them. This new plan though, allows homeowners a real chance to get a better home loan. Also, this plan will help the homeowners finances, and financial future.

Homeowners in all types of situations are encouraged to use this plan for themselves. Never before has it been easier for a struggling homeowner to get help with their home loan. Contact Bank of America and see what they can do to help you.

-M Petrone

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