Chase bank is one of the best chances a struggling mortgage holder has to save their home. That is because they are one of the few approved banks who can offer President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan. This plan offers new options for mortgage refinance and modification to homeowners in all types of bad financial situations. Here is how you can use Chase to help you:

-Chase gets money from the Government every time a homeowner is helped according to the stimulus plan. This means that Chase can now offer the best rates, terms and conditions ever to homeowners who are financially hurting. They also get money every year, for up to 5 years, that a homeowner successfully makes payments. Since Chase is using this stimulus plan to help homeowners, it is in their best interest to offer the best refinancing deals possible.

-Homeowners with bad credit, a bad mortgage, or a home which has dropped in value, can use this plan to get approved for a refinancing they would not have been able to get before. There are new options for cash strapped homeowners which allow them a chance to save money, and their home from being lost, simply by refinancing.

-There will be no closing costs and fees for homeowners who use this Government program. These fees can easily add up to thousands of dollars, which a struggling homeowner does not have. Do not let the costs of refinancing stop you from taking action, as now the fees are taken care of for you.

Chase mortgage refinancing has truly become a home saving option for many homeowners. Besides being one of the best lenders in the country, Chase is also one of the few approved mortgage lenders or banks who is actually allowed to offer this stimulus plan. Take advantage now.

-M Petrone

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